CLX-VU Build Documents

Here are the files that I have pertaining to the AC Sound CLX-VU Rev. 2 Compressor Build from 2011. I am still lacking the Rev.2 Build Guide (and I’d welcome anybody who can provide it to me! Leave comments below).






The original groupdiy build thread for the CLX-VU is here.

Important parts coming in…

This weekend I get to pick up the stuff I had shipped to Buffalo.  It includes three of these Toroids from Antek and an enclosure from Collective Cases for the CLX-VU compressor.

This means I should be able to start to get signs of life from all these classic DIY projects I’ve been working on:

… that’s a lot of shit. Who knows, maybe I’ll get some of this new DIY gear working in some capacity in time for this year’s ORP (in a couple weeks)!