Jeff Keenan

Jeff Keenan spins because he is fucking great at it! Even dissected at the most basic level, Keenan’s “OD Podcast” contains flowing, seamless mixing – one moment the set is drenched with deep and atmospheric grooves, the next he has the energy at a boil. Like only the greats can, the tempo shift is so baby-soft that figuring out when he did it is nearly impossible. Of course, none of the technical greatness would be worth a damn if the tracks were lousy and, fortunately, Keenan is a wizard in that department also. Kudos to this Boston native for recognizing the talents of Toronto native Alicia Hush – he drops the great “Dirty Dozen” two tracks in and helps set a delicious mood for this phenomenal journey!


1.Highmode – Line In/ Promo
2.Alicia Hush – Dirty Dozen (Sebastian Kochs Interpertation Mix)/ Promo
3.Layo & Bushwacka – Gunpowder /Plus8
4.Layo & Bushwacka- Stress / Plus 8
5.John Smtg – Mental Palace / Promo
6.Marco Bailey & Tom Hades – Garden Dance / MB Elektronics
7.Markantonio – Turncat (Luigi Madonna Remix)
8.Kyle Geiger – Interfere / MB Elektronics
9.Subfractal – Sanctum /Promo
10.Funk D’Void – Bad Coffe(Joseph Capriati Remix)/ Soma
11.Funk D’Void – Jack Me Off (Ben Sims Remix)/ Soma

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