bne / BOK 4 year event mp3

Download it here (MP3, 956 megabyte) or from our mirror on

Here’s a full 6+ hour recording of last week’s breakandenter / Box Of Kittens 4-year anniversary event.  The sequence of the sets is a little unusual – each set was only a half hour long, and each performer played two sets. We ran through the full lineup twice, in order:

  1. nebula (Live P.A.)
  2. Fabio Palermo
  3. Hali
  4. Mike Gibbs
  5. Jamie Kidd
  6. Martin Fazekas

So, to clarify: the timing on the MP3 goes roughly like this:
0:00 nebula
0:30 Fabio Palermo
1:00 DJ Hali
1:30 Mike Gibbs
2:00 Jamie Kidd
2:30 Martin Fazekas
3:00 nebula
3:30 Fabio Palermo
4:00 DJ Hali
4:30 Mike Gibbs
5:00 Jamie Kidd
5:30 Martin Fazekas
6:00 Open Jam: Martin Fazekas, Mike Gibbs, Hali, Jamie Kidd, nebula, Fabio Palermo.

That’s right – the file is a huge monster, over 6 hours in length.


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