More on (moron) spam from wowrack

spamAfter this conversation, I decided to register Akismet.  It appears to work astonishingly well – it just made the over 300 spam messages I had to wade through just … disappear.

My web site is receiving crazy amounts of spam from machines registered to

Djan Iffan has joined the chat.
Djan Iffan: Hi Steve,
Welcome to wowrack, my name is Djan Iffan, may I help you?
Steve: Hello, is yours?
Steve: That and are leaving insane amounts of comment spam on my wordpress blog
Steve: I need you to make it stop please
Djan Iffan: Please wait a moment we shall investigate further and back to you shortly.
Steve: OK I will hold on
Djan Iffan: Thank you for your willingness to wait
Can I have much detail information about this?
what is your blog?
Steve: I have sent an email to
Steve: I am getting about 1 spam every 5 minutes
Steve: It has been happening for a week or two, but seems to have really become worse
Djan Iffan: Did you activate your akismet plugin?
Steve: Yes but I will double check
Djan Iffan: But in mean while, I have warn this reseller account
Steve: (still it is a crazy amount coming from your machines – I can normally deal with the 3-4 spam messages I see a day, but I’m getting over a hundred daily from your customer)
Steve: I feel you need to suspend, not warn,
Steve: ,warning will not stop this assault
Djan Iffan: Please sent a proper complain regarding this, because we can not simply take action without proper reason.
Steve: OK, is my email to your “abuse” address (including the actual spam content) sufficient?
Steve: Or what constitutes a “proper complaint”
Djan Iffan: this is one of our reseller client, sent the email to
Steve: Well, OK … I have done so, but I am not sure about the ethics behind your inaction. I am likely one of hundreds of victims from your machine at this very moment.
Steve: Good day.
Djan Iffan: Thank you for contacting us, if you require further assistance, please contact us anytime.