Mecha-Mania Boy (Devo Cover) – Restored from a 20-year old cassette.

DEVO (Red Energy Dome icon)I think it was around 1994 when I was approached to contribute something for a compilation CD of Devo covers. At that time, “Mecha-Mania Boy” was only available (as far as I know) as the B-side of “Jerkin Back And Forth”, and it would still be a couple of years before it would be released on a CD. Only hardcore DEVO-TEES (and their close spud friends) had ever heard it – which is a shame, because it was one of their best.

Read on, and hear the full recording!


These songs were written by Steven Cowan, Glenn Gibson and Charles Watson. They were recorded between 1988-1990.

The old cassette copies sat in storage for over 20 years. Despite a little deterioration and print-through, the sound quality is surprisingly decent. Now, in 2014, I am attempting to make digital copies of all my old works. After digitizing, I applied a little corrective EQ and dynamic processing.

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Nebula Becomes STEVE COEN for Future Releases and Bookings.

What’s in a name?

For 15 years I’ve used the name “nebula” as a performing and recording artist.

Now I have the opportunity to release some recorded music, and I must face the reality that my stage name doesn’t suit me any more. In 1996 I started calling myself “nebula” when I was producing an ill-fated hip hop act. Then in 1997, I was half of a live electronic duo called “infindebula”. Ironically, the other half of the duo had named us that without even knowing I had been calling myself “nebula”. It seemed like fate. I became “nebula from infindebula”.

A few years later I joined Jason Prine in another live electronic duo. We decided to concatenate our names with a simple dot, and “PRiNE.nebula” was the result.

After all these projects ran their course, I found myself producing strange techno music and performing. I still used the name “nebula” on all promotional material.

More recently, I have found myself appearing on lineups with more accomplished artists, most of whom use their real name, or at least a human-sounding name. Considering that and the fact that there are other artists recording as “nebula”, it was time for a change. I may continue to use “nebula” for specific (or nostalgic) projects, but from this time forward, my bookings and recordings will bear the name…


2013 OM Reunion Project Festival – with Steve Cowan (nebula) Live PA

Steve Cowan (juggernautmusic) will play a techno live pa set on Friday night (Saturday morning) at 4:00 A.M.

click to listen to recordings from last year’s festival.

This year’s festival will feature the musical stylings of:

acerbius – Amanda Raygun – Andromedan sky – Ankle Mix – aquapher – Aria _ BeWater – Bran – Brendan Lawless – cabin boy billy – Chameleon Project – Chantel Tophen – Chiasma – Chrisal1n – Chrisitan Bridges – Dana Sipos – dboom – Dharma Lab -Diskomaster – Dj Soma-Space Time Trip – Elysha Poirier – Epoch Apex – Eric Mandala – Fever – Fritz The Cat – gavin the bass – Gnomonic – Gnosys – Greg Nazar -Hans Ohm – indigo cabaret – Jack of All Funk – jacpot – jaxamuse – Jeremy Pollock – Jonah K – Jordan Freeman – Kadmon – Kristian Sunflower – kzar – LeeLee Mishi – Lester Alfonso – Leveq & Daoust – Lexifer – liChellelotus – Limix -Living~Stone – Loopsy Dazy- Love and the Imaginary Orchestra – Lumberjockey – Machine Elf – Miss Moss – Mythrophan – Natural Alchemy – nebula – ObsidiaN – ombudsman – Orenda – Plan b – Plant Head – playdifferent – PsyBerth – Purple Dragon – purrpelle – River Summit – Rollin’ Cash – RyLL – safetydept – Scarlet Spades – Selectah B – siren sativa – Slava D – Søren Nordström – Spooloops – Spyne – Sun Brother – T minus – Tanacetum Vulgare – Test their Logic – The Jolly Jive Trio Minus Two – Thien – Trace – Transisco – – Uturunku – Vj Guy – James Walkoviak – Xenognosis – zum one

(full details are at

Orange Party! Cancer Research Fundraiser with a fantastic lineup in Hamilton.

The ORANGE PARTY will feature:

  • DJ Marty McFly (BREAKS! to the future…)
  • Steve Cowan (Nebula) (Trademark weird techno live pa)
  • Dharma Lab (Hybrid psytrance with lotsa talent)
  • Greg Love (Guber) (Jungle and Tweaky Electro!)

The ORANGE PARTY will happen on Saturday, April 20, at 9 PM in Hamilton, Ontario. It is BYOB and pretty awesomely underground!
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Valentine’s Day Archi-Textures with Steve Cowan, Communification, Kadmon, Mythrophan

Archi-Textures GraphicValentine’s Day special at Archi-Textures!
The red velvet walls at Toronto’s Augusta House are going to heat up for this one. Bring out your sweetheart and trust in our ability to warm up your evening with bumpin’ music to get your feet moving, dance performances to inspire, stunning visuals and of course that great family vibe. Dress red! It’s going to be a love-fest!

Steve Cowan LiveFor this Archi-Textures we proudly feature Steve Cowan, whose beats can be described as modern, tight and sinister techno, while they are also funky and uplifting. His analog synthesizer mastery becomes obvious as his solid four-on-the-floor rhythms are peppered with technical expertise. Steve has three tracks slated for release on Maetta Records, and continues to play live more and more frequently, to the amazement and delight of crowds everywhere.

One Love Movement continues to have a deep-rooted focus on harmony, bliss and liberation. Expect some progressive sounds to send you journeying through psychedelic landscapes; unifying vibrations from the heart.
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