A Short Rant about SoundCloud.

SoundCloudFor years SoundCloud’s app for Facebook pages, which enables page owners to effectively embed their soundcloud content, has been … down. Doesn’t work. No resolution timeframe. Oh well.

In 2011, SoundCloud announced a new player for web developers to embed music from their service. With the new player came standards-compliance with HTML5 (hallelujah), and a loss of customizability (we can no longer specify the colours so it coordinates with our sites). The company has been promising a “dark theme” HTML 5 player so that their audio players aren’t ugly on sites like this one. Still nothing. Seriously, I just want a colour scheme suitable for dark sites. Case in point: have a look at those visually jarring white squares on the OM/ORP sets page. It’s so ugly that it’s part of the reason this site still hasn’t come out of beta.

Meanwhile SoundCloud’s own web site still serves many pages in their old theme. The transition to “new SoundCloud” began well over six months ago. This has been going on long enough, guys. It’s time to abandon the old, and bring full functionality to the new.

I still use a free, no-frills SoundCloud account. Until I see issues resolved for webmasters and Facebook page owners, I will remain dubious of their value as an audio hosting service. In fact, SoundCloud’s greatest asset has long been their easily embeddable and customizable player. I’m quite happy to keep my free account and host my own audio, thank you very much. And I will continue to wait for a SoundCloud-style player for WordPress.

SoundCloud: you’re so close to being really great. Please clean up your messes before you try to move forward.

Forcing Facebook to Refresh its Cached Previews

Facebook iconAfter some searching, I discovered (thanks to Barbarian Blog) that it is possible to get Facebook to update the text excerpt and preview icon from shared web links by going to the following page:


… just enter your URL, and any Facebook entries pointing to the link will be updated with new content.

MIN and DEEP and Eric Prydz

Blogged here only for posterity.

Back in September, Sarah asked me to help her with a graphic to use as a Facebook cover image to help promote her Deep House / Deep Techno event series in Toronto, “Some Like It Deep”. So I suggested we take this brushed aluminum stereo volume knob image that she had found, with a printed scale from “MIN” to “MAX” – but we should change “MAX” to “DEEP”. She liked the idea, so after a few minutes of photoshopping I provided her with this:

Control knob scaled "MIN" to "DEEP"

min-deep.jpg - originally to promote the "Some Like it Deep" event series. (Click to enlarge)

A “Deep” Meme Is Born!

Eric Prydz's Facebook Page with nebula graphic

Erick Prydz Facebook Page, a couple hours later! (Click to Enlarge)

Sarah loved it and used it as her cover photo. I rather liked how the seamless extrusion turned out on the sides, and its dimensions were tailored to perfectly fit the 851×315 cover photo spec. A few hours (and presumably a few shares) later, it appeared on Eric Prydz’s page as his cover image as well!

Now the pic is all over the place, on Facebook pages, tumblr and peppered through Google Images searches.

Enjoy the image, and feel free to use it where you like. I’m proud of it. i only feel bad that the original “MIN MAX” image is uncredited, but I have no idea where it got ripped from.  Information wants to be deep.