Software Drum Synthesizers Compared

Plughugger has a pretty comprehensive article from 2010 comparing Microtonic, ADM and Tattoo in the context of dance music production. I wish it included Emagic/Apple’s “Ultrabeat” as well as Waldorf Attack. They’re all amazing products, and I use Ultrabeat a lot. I suspect there may be somme new contenders in the drum synthesis arena as well … ?

Liquid High Hat rev.3 PCBs $15

I’ve been wanting to build this interesting voltage-controlled noise source for a while, and now boards are available from for a modest $15.

From the site:

The Liquid High Hat is a voltage controlled noise module designed by Ryk John Miller Thekreator. It is capable of producing high-hat sounds, but is also usable for other noise generation via control voltage. It is designed to run on 9/12/15V split supply, so should work with most any modular setup. It is comprised of very common parts, so there is no need for hunting down obscure/rare parts.

Hex Inverter Electronics has designed a circuit board for this cool project, to make it available for everyone.

UPDATE: Matrixsynth posted a demo video (not the greatest demo but you’ll get the idea)