New Sets by Nebula, Dan Lee from OM Reunion Project 2012

Techno and Breaks Sets from Last Summer’s Gathering

Check out the newly added OM/ORP Summer Solstice Festival Recordings for your listening or downloading pleasure. We have added a techno live p.a. set by Steve Cowan (nebula) and a solid breaks set from DJ Dan Lee. Both are in mp3 format.

Send in the sets we’re missing! will gladly host any music that was recorded at the festival, for OMies (and others) to stream online or download for free. If you have a recorded OM / ORP set (from any year) and would like to see it posted among the works of great people, please get in touch.

[Direct Link to the OM Live and DJ Sets]

Mashup: Duran Duran “Girls on Film” / Kraftwerk “The Robots” (nebula)

One day I’ll be forgiven for doing this, but until then … enjoy this 130bpm 80′s mashup, and I’ll see you in hell!

(Disclaimer: this is really nothing to do with anything I would normally do, but it is fun like musical junk food, ya know?)