MIDIbox 808 Web Site Temporarily (?) Down

An MB-808 Build.I just went to the eight-oh-eight.org site and … it’s dead. Panic briefly set in, but I remembered that Doug owns midiboxaddict.com, so I checked there and found a note! Here’s what it says right now:

MIDIbox Addict

DIY MIDI Projects

February 2014: MB-808 Still Alive

Yes, the MB-808 web site is offline. No, the project has not died or disappeared. Moogah didn’t pay the web hosting bill and he changed the password so I can’t login and pay it myself. I sent him an email message about it and will take care of things as soon as I can.

This weekend, February 22 and 23, 2014, I will try to recreate the web site here on MIDIboxAddict.com.

Quick Status Update

As far as I know, I have processed all refunds that were requested in 2013. I have two refund requests to process from this year. (Yes, requests from batch four have been moved up in the queue.) If you’d like a refund, please ask now, as I will be processing shipments next month (March) and will be asking for final payment then.

You can contact me at doug at midibox addict dot com.

Previously juggernautmusic.com reported on the MIDIbox MB-808 project, a long-overdue TR-808 clone project being looked after by Doug Wellington in Arizona.

As a result of the previous blog entry, juggernaut music amasses a significant number of hits for people searching for MIDIbox 808. So as a service to those who are searching for answers, this post will serve as a pointer to Doug’s temporary page.

I am in no way affiliated with the project and I have not personally heard from Doug in years. Like many people, I did provide a deposit for a “batch 3″ kit, and I remain eager to start building.

In summary:

Roland AIRA Products Accidentally Leaked … Here’s What They Will Look Like!

Spoiler Alert!

Don’t read this if you want to wait for Roland’s big announcement next week. I’m pretty sure this will ruin the surprise.

A few weeks ago I became aware of Roland’s forthcoming “Aira” series when I got linked to their first teaser video about their drum machine, the TR-08 (or is it the TR-8?). Every few days they have been releasing new teasers, and finally sometime within the past 24 hours they added another couple of videos, and interestingly, two images of the Aira series, darkened to the point where all you can really see is black silhouettes of the sleek new boxes, and all the pretty light-up buttons.

Well … it occurred to me that if I make some adjustments to those images, it could be possible to reveal some details. This is exactly what I did, and the results are very telling, indeed! These two images were orginally posted on Roland’s site, and I have enhanced them to reveal sufficient detail to discern almost everything on their front panels!
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TR-808 Clone Kit “MIDIbox 808″ LAST BATCH!

An MB-808 Build.Years ago, legendary MIDIboxer Moogah, along with others, created a custom design and circuit board layout for what would become the de facto DIY 808-clone project: the MB-808.

Moogah ran a couple of bulk orders and revised his PCB once.  Like the x0xb0x, the MB-808 was originally designed to be built with readily available components, and many people remarked that it was difficult to finish the build since pots had different shaft lengths, some devices required shims to reach proper panel clearances, etc.

SineSurfer's MB-808 PCBFor hardcore DIYers this stuff is either a non-issue or an absolute showstopper.  Some like their projects to look as good as, or better than commercially available devices.  Others really don’t care so much about the cosmetics as long as the box works great.

A third revision has been developed by Doug Wellington, a busy guy from Tucson, Arizona, USA.  Determined to make construction easier and the finished product slicker, he had potentiometers custom made, and created a new board layout to correct all the known issues, with a new cutout for a 2×16 LCD.  Nobody has actually built the new design yet, but after a three-year wait Doug is committed to finally ship kits to those who paid a deposit by the end of the year.  I am one such person.

Doug Wellington's Revised MB-808 Layout

It’s unfortunate that my recent marital failure means my tools and parts probably won’t come out of cold storage until sometime between March and June, so I’ll probably have to wait another 6 months before I can even build the damn thing.  But … finally, it is coming.

“But Steve,” you say, “this is all well and good, but why should I care?”

Well I have another bit of good news.  Doug has announced a final batch of kits for those who get on the waiting list by December 31, 2012, and he will not be asking for deposits.

This is the final run of one of the coolest electronic music projects you can build.  I’m even considering ordering a second kit, so I can build one as close to the original Roland sound as I can get, while I modify and bend the snot out of the other.

Do you want a MIDIbox 808 kit?  Doug’s contact info can be found at eight-oh-eight.org.

Here’s a video showing the awesome MIDIbox sequencer that powers the project.

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Important parts coming in…

This weekend I get to pick up the stuff I had shipped to Buffalo.  It includes three of these Toroids from Antek and an enclosure from Collective Cases for the CLX-VU compressor.

This means I should be able to start to get signs of life from all these classic DIY projects I’ve been working on:

… that’s a lot of shit. Who knows, maybe I’ll get some of this new DIY gear working in some capacity in time for this year’s ORP (in a couple weeks)!