What’s Juggernaut Music about?

What will I find here?

Free Online Music

If you like techno or house music, this is a great place to download new mixes and tracks.  Juggernautmusic.com is home to many talented DJs and producers who want to share and promote their work.

News and Blogs

The plan is to soon add a certain amazing blog which features comprehensive reviews of new international mixes, tracks and albums. Member artists can be set up to blog here as well – right now, one such blog exists. It’s pretty eclectic. It alone is drawing a lot of traffic. And we could host dozens.

Event Listings

While our little site could never be a definitive guide to the Toronto, Buffalo and Syracuse club scenes, you can be confident that anything in our Events Calendar is a pretty good bet!

Who are we?

I’m the motherfuckin juggernaut, bitch!

Actually, we are hard-working electronic music producers, composers, DJs, event promoters and aficionados from around Toronto (and, more generally, southern Ontario and western New York).

How do you contact us?

Go to our contact page.  Replies on that page will privately reach the juggernautmusic site admin who will forward it to the correct person. Your message will not be made public.

I Want to Get Involved!

If you’re looking for a place to promote your recordings and announce your gigs, this just might be the place.  Contact us or send us something via SoundCloud.

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