Camp Wiggly 2022 – Diskomaster, Takin, Justin James, Live Techno by Steve Coen

Camp Wiggly 2022

Camp Wiggly flyer. Click to enlarge.

Another great wiggly event, including a 2-hour live set from Steve Coen (“nebula” to some), as well as 2-hour DJ sets from Diskomaster (Duz), Justin James (yes, that Justin James)!

Camp Wiggly 2022 starts Friday, June 17 at 5:00 PM. The precise location, near Windsor, Ontario, will be revealed a couple days before the event.

Wiggly has delivered solid house/techno events throughout southern Ontario for 10 years. Expect a really great vibe at this 3-day campout. Bring swimwear too, because a beautiful beach is just a few minutes’ walk away.

The Full Lineup

  • Takin
  • Barroness
  • Tyler Hill
  • U.N.I.
  • Diskomaster
  • Justin James
  • 10XX (Austria’s DnB master)
  • Amir Nian
  • Kardinal
  • Tyler Johnston
  • Bigfoot
  • Pari
  • Dexy
  • DJ DTM
  • Reno Bravo
  • Drogynous
  • Don Yagé
  • Dustin May
  • Cameron Scott
  • Blair Malott
  • LBA
  • J Groove
  • Steve Coen (live techno)
  • Aurorah (live dreamscape pop)
  • Starsky (live ambient and intelligent electronica)
  • VJ Swimming

… and more!

Event info:


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