Studio Nebula: Chronology

For the sake of my own recollection, and perhaps posterity, I share this, the evolution of my home studio.

Studio Nebula v6

2014 – present

Tobermory Cr., Brampton ON
Most construction was finished in 2014, but there’s always work to do. The workflow at the new location has been further streamlined.  I had some racks custom-made by M-Gear Design. Space allows me to use different areas for different technologies. An Expert Sleepers ES-3 Lightpipe-to-CV interface allows very usable computer control over vintage analog gear.

Double Synth RackDesktop Rack

The group is exploring grooves, moving around samples. Here we see Juggernaut HQ, a.k.a. Studio Nebula, as it was meant to be: full of gear and nerds.

UPDATE 2016-07-04 (better late than never): Version 6.0 of the studio was indeed fully functional by the end of 2014. This photo was taken by Leelee Mishi in early 2016 as we worked with Mr. Spooloops on some interesting new grooves.

Studio Nebula v5


Mill St., Brampton ON

Studio Nebula Mill St

From here you can see most of the keyboards. Leftmost stand, top to bottom: Roland VK-09 organ, Yamaha CS40M synth. Three-tier stand, top to bottom: Roland JX-3P, Roland Juno-106, Roland Jupiter-6 (this is the Killer Roland Rack!) Z-frame station, top to bottom: rack including Yamaha R100 reverb, Alesis Micro Enhancer, Behringer ADA-8000 Ultragain A/D converter, Bellari RP-282 compressor; keyboards including Korg DW-6000, Ensoniq SQ-80 (beside Boss RE-20 Space Echo twin pedal), Ensoniq ESQ-1. The desktop rack to its right contains: Emagic Unitor 8, Novation Supernova II, MOTU 828mk2, power bars, Emagic AMT8. Also visible on far right of desk surface (closest to front of photo): Korg Poly-800-II.

This space was necessitated by some sudden changes in my life. The apartment was temporary, and small – there was no longer room for the big Soundcraft mixer I used in the previous space. I learned to mix with different technology: hardware synths were able to be plugged in to my MOTU 828mkII, which I expanded with a Behringer ADA8000 – an inexpensive ADC that functions flawlessly in this application. Instead of relying on the ol’ Soundcraft Spirit Studio as a means to connect (and sum) all the instruments, I just plugged into the interface inputs and mixed on the iPad using MOTU CueMix. I was amazed at how well this worked – but I wouldn’t have tried it without a device I could dedicate to mixing.

I learned that I’ll never need a monster console again for electronic music production. In fact, I was going to call this space version 4.5, but the change in signal flow and workflow was significant enough that it deserved its own version number.

At this location I also integrated the Korg MS-20 (Kit), Ensoniq ESQ-1 and the Arturia Microbrute into the party. The results were well worth it.

Studio Nebula v4


Fleetwood Cr., Brampton ON

This was where the “nebula” style was born. All the synths were connected to a Soundcraft Spirit Studio 24-channel mixer, allowing immediate use of most instruments without any need to re-patch. It was here that I introduced myself to the Logic Control / Mackie Control control surfaces as well. This space was subtly, but continuously evolved to address previous shortcomings in productivity.

Studio Nebula v3


Greene Dr., Brampton ON

This iteration of the studio was devised before I had any real direction in electronic music production. I knew synthesizers, but I really didn’t yet understand the production techniques behind techno and modern electronic styles. It seems I was hearing something in the music differently from everybody else.

Studio Nebula v2


Creditview Rd., Brampton ON

This was certainly the nicest space for the studio. It was in the basement of my parents’ house. The rooms were built from the ground up for the purpose of having a recording space. Two small isolation rooms (already part of the house, isolated with concrete block walls). Shame about the bats. A lot of sound editing work was done here.  Lots of production too.

Free World Media HQ (a.k.a. Studio Nebula v1)


Lady Stewart Blvd., Brampton ON
Lady StewartI did a lot of sound editing work in this basement apartment, and also made a few cool demo recordings.


This post will continue to be updated to include more pictures and details. Last updated: 2014/07/04.

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