Yamaha SY35 Synthesizer – Downloadable Service Manual Now Available

Yamaha SY35 Vector SynthesizerAs promised, here’s the hard-to-find manual for Yamaha’s last Vector synth.

Yamaha sent it to me as 4 separate PDFs (Service Manual, MIDI Implementation, Parts List, Expanded big PCB pages), plus a monster-sized TIFF of the schematic. They didn’t want anything for it, and they didn’t ask any questions. I assembled the files into a single PDF, then used the the web-based Compress PDF to reduce the file size (to 6.5 MB, down from about 12 MB).

The MIDI implementation section provides the most detail about the sysex data scheme (including the hidden FM parameters) than any SY22/TG33/SY35 document I’ve seen so far. I mostly understand it now, but I still haven’t figured out where the “algorithm” bit is (which allows you to set the FM portion of a patch to be two carriers, each with the 8 TX81Z waveforms available). Anyone got any knowledge of that?

Download the service manual (pdf, 6.5 megabytes) here:


5 thoughts on “Yamaha SY35 Synthesizer – Downloadable Service Manual Now Available

  1. Looking for info on how to remove the keys and replace the return spring on a Yamaha SY35.
    I have the keyboard assembly out of the machine after following the disassembly instructions in the service manual. However there are no instructions re replacing the spring to cure sticky keys. I have the springs on hand.
    I don’t want to damage the keys.
    I would appreciate your help.

    Hi mark, thanks for your response on juggernautmusic.com

    I’m not sure I can help you without seeing the synth, but I seem to remember replacing keys on the DX11 (which uses the same keyboard mechanism) being fairly straightforward, i.e. some combination of pressing on the back of the key while pulling outward, toward you, or something like that….

    If you’re near brampton I can look at it


  2. Hi, I have the Keyboard model no-Yamaha-SY35 , But recently it has a problem or power. My board keys set are completely ok.
    So i would like to sell my keys of Yamaha-SY35.

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