These songs were written by Steven Cowan, Glenn Gibson and Charles Watson. They were recorded between 1988-1990.

The old cassette copies sat in storage for over 20 years. Despite a little deterioration and print-through, the sound quality is surprisingly decent. Now, in 2014, I am attempting to make digital copies of all my old works. After digitizing, I applied a little corrective EQ and dynamic processing.

Here’s the first batch of songs:

I Lie (Trust And Faith)


Deep Space (Suburban Torpedo)


Steven Cowan: Synthesizers, Drums.
Glenn Gibson: Vocals, Bass Guitar (“Alien”), Drums, Synthesizers.
Charles Watson: Vocals, Guitar (Gibson SG).

Recorded at “Audio Trax” in Toronto, Ontario with the engineering assistance and friendship of Don Sklepowich. Sequenced with Sonus “Super Sequencer” on Commodore 64 and Mark of the Unicorn “Performer” on Mac Plus, synced to a Tascam 38 (1/2″ 8-track reel-to-reel). Mixing achieved using several cascaded Yamaha DMP7 digital mixers.

Other Electronic Instruments: Roland PAD-8 Octapad, S-550 Sampler, JX-3P and MKS-30 Synthesizers, TR-505 and TR-909 Drum Machines. Yamaha DX21, DX11, TX7, CS15D Synthesizers, RX21L Drum Machine. Akai S612 Sampler. Sequential Prophet 2000 Sampler.

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