I like the DSI Prophet 12!

DSI Prophet 12I’m sorry moving turned out to be a bigger endeavour than I thought, so updates to the site have been slow.

Recently I had the pleasure of working with the Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12 alongside one of my “go-to” keyboards (the Roland Juno-106) in a composition session. The music wasn’t techno this time around, more like experimental electro-funk-folk. I ended up really liking the new Prophet. It has a very sweet, analog sound. Its strengths are pads and basses. To me it sounds rather different the Prophet-5, which didn’t really bother me. I never spent much time with the Prophet 08, but I recall DSI claiming it could do everything the Prophet-5 could do. While I can’t speak to how accurate that claim is, I can say at the very least that it isn’t the case with the Prophet 12.

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