Valentine’s Day Archi-Textures with Steve Cowan, Communification, Kadmon, Mythrophan

Archi-Textures GraphicValentine’s Day special at Archi-Textures!
The red velvet walls at Toronto’s Augusta House are going to heat up for this one. Bring out your sweetheart and trust in our ability to warm up your evening with bumpin’ music to get your feet moving, dance performances to inspire, stunning visuals and of course that great family vibe. Dress red! It’s going to be a love-fest!

Steve Cowan LiveFor this Archi-Textures we proudly feature Steve Cowan, whose beats can be described as modern, tight and sinister techno, while they are also funky and uplifting. His analog synthesizer mastery becomes obvious as his solid four-on-the-floor rhythms are peppered with technical expertise. Steve has three tracks slated for release on Maetta Records, and continues to play live more and more frequently, to the amazement and delight of crowds everywhere.

One Love Movement continues to have a deep-rooted focus on harmony, bliss and liberation. Expect some progressive sounds to send you journeying through psychedelic landscapes; unifying vibrations from the heart.

Archi-Textures: February 14, 2013 10:00 PM


KADMON vs MYTHROPHAN – progressive, psy trance
STEVE COWAN (a.k.a. Nebula) – techno (live)


LIMINALIS – tribal fusion belly dance
ROBYN ROCK – sunshine burlesque act
MISS MINX – tribal belly jazz dance



Photos: Andrija Dimitrijevic
Door Faery: Christinna Mannella

The Agusta House was our mainstay for well over a year. With its warm inviting atmosphere and friendly management, it’s still a great place to call home. If you want to play pool, throw back some good eats, chill in the lounge behind the DJ booth … this dynamic space has it all!

$5 at the door – support local talent!

Purr ♥ Meow ♥ Roarrr

Augusta House (in the heart of Kensington Market)
152A Augusta Ave, Toronto, Ontario M5T 1A1
416 977-8881

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