TR-808 Clone Kit “MIDIbox 808″ LAST BATCH!

An MB-808 Build.Years ago, legendary MIDIboxer Moogah, along with others, created a custom design and circuit board layout for what would become the de facto DIY 808-clone project: the MB-808.

Moogah ran a couple of bulk orders and revised his PCB once.  Like the x0xb0x, the MB-808 was originally designed to be built with readily available components, and many people remarked that it was difficult to finish the build since pots had different shaft lengths, some devices required shims to reach proper panel clearances, etc.

SineSurfer's MB-808 PCBFor hardcore DIYers this stuff is either a non-issue or an absolute showstopper.  Some like their projects to look as good as, or better than commercially available devices.  Others really don’t care so much about the cosmetics as long as the box works great.

A third revision has been developed by Doug Wellington, a busy guy from Tucson, Arizona, USA.  Determined to make construction easier and the finished product slicker, he had potentiometers custom made, and created a new board layout to correct all the known issues, with a new cutout for a 2×16 LCD.  Nobody has actually built the new design yet, but after a three-year wait Doug is committed to finally ship kits to those who paid a deposit by the end of the year.  I am one such person.

Doug Wellington's Revised MB-808 Layout

It’s unfortunate that my recent marital failure means my tools and parts probably won’t come out of cold storage until sometime between March and June, so I’ll probably have to wait another 6 months before I can even build the damn thing.  But … finally, it is coming.

“But Steve,” you say, “this is all well and good, but why should I care?”

Well I have another bit of good news.  Doug has announced a final batch of kits for those who get on the waiting list by December 31, 2012, and he will not be asking for deposits.

This is the final run of one of the coolest electronic music projects you can build.  I’m even considering ordering a second kit, so I can build one as close to the original Roland sound as I can get, while I modify and bend the snot out of the other.

Do you want a MIDIbox 808 kit?  Doug’s contact info can be found at

Here’s a video showing the awesome MIDIbox sequencer that powers the project.

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5 thoughts on “TR-808 Clone Kit “MIDIbox 808″ LAST BATCH!

  1. Looks like doug is about to be lynched. He’s been coming up with excuses for years and there is no sign of him running out just yet. How much shit can one have happen to them? I bet you are still waiting. Only a fool would deal with this scammer in future. Avoid him!

  2. Doug is a scam artist out to rip people off.
    Several complete 808 clone projects have been completed and shipped in the years doug has been taking people money and constantly lying to everyone.
    Hes dragging his own name through the mud.

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