Marko Fürstenberg – morning deep techno set for ya

Actually I was just testing out some parameters on the player, while listening at the same time to this set that SoundCloud thought I would like. I will concede: SoundCloud was bang on.

So I’m really trying hard to embrace the new SoundCloud. To me it is now geared more toward listeners than to contributors. I don’t think I hate it, but to me it seems like a departure from the artist-centric resource I perceived SoundCloud’s original vision to be. To remain afloat we must adapt, however, which is why I can easily forgive them.  Besides, they have obviously coded in some psychic powers, because it picked exactly what I wanted to hear before I even knew it myself.

Marko Fürstenberg graphicAnyway – have a listen to Marko Fürstenberg throwin’ down some pretty damn fine deep techno for Das Kraftfuttermischwerk, a “German based blog with the thematic focus of visual art, culture and music – especially electronic music”.

Oh, and good morning. Put your dancing slippers on, go make yourself a drink, turn up the volume and clean the house. The track listing can be found here:


Better throw this one in as well…

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