MINUS101: Magda – From The Fallen Page (Album)

(by Bill Mahoney)

With so much in techno sounding robust and clinical because of modern computer technology, it is refreshing to get primitive with an artist album whose strong traits come from sounding chunky and less-than-calculated. Magda’s “From The Fallen Page” could be someone’s studio goof session, which is precisely why I love it! Almost nothing here sounds Ableton-ed to perfection, so much sounds raw and synthesized, like it is done on 10-year-old technology; perhaps a personal throw-back to her hometown of Detroit in the pre-DEMF era. I would recommend jumping in at “Your Love Attack” and riding it straight through the brilliant funk of “Breakout”, it is here that the album’s joy, bleakness and artistry soar the highest.

breakandenter: 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY including Steve Cowan (nebula), live!

A Fun Fact about breakandenter …

breakandenter has supported over 106 Producers, DJs & VJs in 5 years.

106 is more than just the number of a classic Roland Juno synth.  It is, in fact, an incredible legacy that few event organizers could possibly boast after even 20 years.  The unparalleled passion and effort that the breakandenter crew have given the Toronto techno scene in the past 5 years will be celebrated this Saturday, December 8, at b&e’s unique staple venue: SPK at 206 Beverley Street, otherwise known as The Polish Combatants Hall.

breakandenter 5-year with Steve Cowan (nebula) live - flyer backbreakandenter 5 year flyer Jeremy Glenn front


Visuals by Wuestenarchitekten.



Saturday, Dec. 8th, 2012
@SPK: 206 Beverley St. Toronto, ON
10PM – 4AM
$20 Adv. Tickets available via Resident Advisor (more at the door)



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Some Like It Deep is Back! December Lineup Announced

Tota Lounge Rocks Once More.

The next installment of Sarah’s wildly successful Some Like It Deep series returns to Tota on Friday, December 7, with another carefully selected lineup to tickle your deep palate.

Some Like It Deep Flyer

The Flyer. (Click to Enlarge)

Another Deep Lineup!

Come early and dance deep into the night with the stylings of:

  • Justin James (m-nus)
  • Jason Myles
  • v0ins (Juggernaut Music)
  • DJ Shine (nice+smooth)

As usual, all of the performers will be showcasing their deeper side.

For an incredible foray into deep house and deep techno, you’ll want to join us at Tota!

Stay tuned for updates – this is a very exciting lineup, and a unique chance to see some a-list performers in an intimate setting.

Friday, December 7, 2012. Admission: Free!

Tota Lounge
592 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario
416-866-8878 / http://totalounge.wordpress.com/

More on (moron) spam from wowrack

spamAfter this conversation, I decided to register Akismet.  It appears to work astonishingly well – it just made the over 300 spam messages I had to wade through just … disappear.

My web site is receiving crazy amounts of spam from machines registered to wowrack.com

Djan Iffan has joined the chat.
Djan Iffan: Hi Steve,
Welcome to wowrack, my name is Djan Iffan, may I help you?
Steve: Hello, is yours?
Steve: That and are leaving insane amounts of comment spam on my wordpress blog
Steve: I need you to make it stop please
Djan Iffan: Please wait a moment we shall investigate further and back to you shortly.
Steve: OK I will hold on
Djan Iffan: Thank you for your willingness to wait
Can I have much detail information about this?
what is your blog?
Steve: juggernautmusic.com
Steve: I have sent an email to abuse@wowrack.com
Steve: I am getting about 1 spam every 5 minutes
Steve: It has been happening for a week or two, but seems to have really become worse
Djan Iffan: Did you activate your akismet plugin?
Steve: Yes but I will double check
Djan Iffan: But in mean while, I have warn this reseller account
Steve: (still it is a crazy amount coming from your machines – I can normally deal with the 3-4 spam messages I see a day, but I’m getting over a hundred daily from your customer)
Steve: I feel you need to suspend, not warn,
Steve: ,warning will not stop this assault
Djan Iffan: Please sent a proper complain regarding this, because we can not simply take action without proper reason.
Steve: OK, is my email to your “abuse” address (including the actual spam content) sufficient?
Steve: Or what constitutes a “proper complaint”
Djan Iffan: this is one of our reseller client, sent the email to abuse@serverstadium.com
Steve: Well, OK … I have done so, but I am not sure about the ethics behind your inaction. I am likely one of hundreds of victims from your machine at this very moment.
Steve: Good day.
Djan Iffan: Thank you for contacting us, if you require further assistance, please contact us anytime.