Hack a USB hub, power your Raspberry Pi

Hacked USB HubSo I got my Raspberry Pi, but I’m still waiting for a case before I get going with it. One thing that occurred to me is that if I don’t plan this out well, I’m going to discover a real drawback to becoming a Pi-head: This thing’s gonna be messy.

In a most basic setup, a person would likely need an AC receptacle for the rpi itself, a USB hub, and an external hard disk. That’s three separately powered lumps to do the job of a “normal” tower computer. Then you’ll have cabling all over the place. Well, this hack looks pretty darn easy, and it will at least spare me one power plug.

Hacking the USB Hub, In a Nutshell.

Buy one of those cheap USB hubs with no power supply included for around 3 or 4 bucks. Hardwire a power supply to it, and hardwire a micro-usb lead to power your Pi.

In total, this project, mods and all shouldn’t cost more than about 10 bucks, and you end up with one less thing to plug in.

Thank pihub for a Great Idea!

Check it out: http://pihub.blogspot.ca/2012/06/raspberry-pi-power-supply-and-powered.html

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