Old C64 demo “Drum Man”, aka “The Gladiator”

This demo was floating around the Commodore BBS scene in the mid 1980s. I haven’t seen it since then, and just stumbled upon it! All the music was made with a SID chip, and all the graphics were Commodore 64. It’s amazing how that machine turned programmers into artists.

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4 thoughts on “Old C64 demo “Drum Man”, aka “The Gladiator”

  1. I have been looking for this for the last few weeks since I installed an emulator on one of my PCs. Thanks so much for posting this – I have been trying to remember what it was called since I had it on my original C64 years ago.

    • It was very sentimental for me to come across it as well, but nostalgia aside, I am amazed at how well executed this is. I think the most remarkable part is the music. Odd time signatures are not common in popular music, yet somehow the good ol’ Commodore SID chip managed to draw creation from a lot of experimental, arguably visionary musicians and composers.

      One would think that all Commodore music would have just been cheesy SID covers of pop music tunes, but in fact there are at least as many 100% original SID compositions (like this one), and they are generally very, very good.

      • The answer is easy: unless you are a fan of chiptunes it sounds like crap. As for the picture, it looks like something churned out of the bowels of Behringer’s clone factory. this is a catch 22 since chiptunes by definition sound like crap to anyone with the slightest sense of tone.

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