a brief rant about the Soundcloud community

I have posted numerous original productions to SoundCloud.

The three tracks I presently have on line have been played 325 times, with 8 comments posted. That means less than one in every 40 people will share their opinion with an unsigned, hard-working music creator who offers his music up for nothing.

My latest submission, Andromeda has had 61 plays and has been “favorited” 5 times. That suggests that one in every 12 people listening to the track think it’s interesting enough to put into their favorites. But after about 2 months, it has not received a single comment. Not one bit of constructive or destructive criticism, no hate mail, no attaboys … nothing.


I thought the whole point of SoundCloud and its “timed comment” mechanism is to allow producers to receive important feedback about works in progress. It has turned into a YouTube for music, a free music-on-demand service with a particularly great selection of underground beats. The listeners are consumers who expect to get music for free and offer nothing in exchange for the hard, thankless work of underground producers.

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