Some Like It Deep Sessions – Volume 1



v0ins and Boots Boogie

v0ins and Boots!

The recordings from last weekend’s wildly successful event Some Like it Deep in Toronto are here. Have a listen to these three great online DJ mixes featuring deep house and deep techno from Boots Boogie, v0ins and E.R.A!

10:00 P.M.: Boots Boogie + E.R.A.
(mp3 file link, 124 MB)

12:00 A.M.: v0ins
(mp3 file link, 74 MB)

1:00 A.M.: Boots Boogie + E.R.A. + v0ins
(mp3 file link, 113 MB)

Thanks to all who made this event a great success, and don’t forget Some Like It Deep returns to Tota Lounge on Saturday, September 1, 2012.

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