Raspberry Pi – List of Compatible Peripherals

Raspberry Pi in a Pibow CaseToday I ordered a Pibow case from their site. A friend of mine who has several Raspberry Pi machines has decided that he has one extra, so he will sell it to me.

I will need to set up my own bootable SD Card. Here is the list of known good (and known-to-be incompatible) SD Cards, USB Hubs, etc.:


I have a keyboard, mouse and a TV for this. I still need a power supply and perhaps a USB hub I can dedicate to the cause.

I have no idea what the hell I’m going to do with this thing, but I’m still crazy excited. I’m such a nerd.

Some Like It Deep (September edition)

Some Like It Deep - Flyer

Deep House, Deep Techno at Tota

Get your “Deep” fix. The monthly event returns to Tota on Saturday September 1 at 10:00 PM, for another all-night celebration of real underground music: deep house and deep techno. Music will be provided by…

  • Brian Calero & Shea Alexander
  • Morgan Freeman
  • Omari Taylor
  • nebula (Live PA)


Tota Lounge
592 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario
416-866-8878 / http://totalounge.wordpress.com/

Full details at the Facebook event page: www.facebook.com/events/396131167106920/

Been looking for fresh online deep house mixes?

All the DJ sets from last month’s event are available here, in mp3 format. Download them now, for free!

The next Some Like it Deep will be on October 13, 2012.

a brief rant about the Soundcloud community

I have posted numerous original productions to SoundCloud.

The three tracks I presently have on line have been played 325 times, with 8 comments posted. That means less than one in every 40 people will share their opinion with an unsigned, hard-working music creator who offers his music up for nothing.

My latest submission, Andromeda has had 61 plays and has been “favorited” 5 times. That suggests that one in every 12 people listening to the track think it’s interesting enough to put into their favorites. But after about 2 months, it has not received a single comment. Not one bit of constructive or destructive criticism, no hate mail, no attaboys … nothing.


I thought the whole point of SoundCloud and its “timed comment” mechanism is to allow producers to receive important feedback about works in progress. It has turned into a YouTube for music, a free music-on-demand service with a particularly great selection of underground beats. The listeners are consumers who expect to get music for free and offer nothing in exchange for the hard, thankless work of underground producers.

“Frisky Biscuit” – Nocturne, Sep. 2 with Live PA set from nebula

There’s something for everyone this Sunday night at Nocturne!

Frisky Biscuit

As a welcome to the world for the Frisky Biscuit story, this is a deep-n-dirty all-night-dance-party! Too long has it been since there was a night of such supreme sound mixology, a bit of something for everyone! With two rooms and big sound, be prepared for a rawkus good time.

The Masters of Mixology:

  • Acerbius - Tekelectro/breaks
  • AddM - Jucy Progressive Psy
  • Copyright Criminals – Bassy tekhouse
  • Gregor E – Dirty Güber Bass
  • Nebula - Live PA Bouncy Techno
  • Protomark - Juke
  • Jane Shorthand – Electro
  • Kristian Sunflower – Progressive Techno Trance
  • Tardis - Electronic Eclectic

Admission is Pay What You Can, because this event is a fundraiser for our sitcom pilot, a student project by the same name! None shall be refused, all are welcome and encouraged but…

Costumes are encouraged
Be prepared to shake your ass

550 Queen St. West
Toronto, ON M5V 2B5
(416) 504-2178 / http://www.nocturneclub.com

Stay up to date: visit the Facebook page for this event

An excellent summary of the entire Apple vs. Samsung case, as of this moment.

The Verge has an article, “Apple vs. Samsung: inside a jury’s nightmare. Will nine strangers be able to decide the tech trial of the decade?”

The case has wrapped up, and now the jury must deliberate. On what, exactly? Read up, find out, and form your own opinions about whether this is a tragic case of stolen, priceless intellectual property, or if we should liken Apple and Samsung to a couple of playground bullies trying to lay a beating on the other to get attention and establish dominance.

This is strongly recommended reading if you have any lingering questions about the exact nature of the case. It is impartial, and very well written, in layman’s (but not idiot’s) terms.

Some Like It Deep Sessions – Volume 1



v0ins and Boots Boogie

v0ins and Boots!

The recordings from last weekend’s wildly successful event Some Like it Deep in Toronto are here. Have a listen to these three great online DJ mixes featuring deep house and deep techno from Boots Boogie, v0ins and E.R.A!

Click here for the music…