GM5 USB MIDI chips- bulk order underway

These are a great way to add USB to your DIY MIDI device, or to build a USB MIDI interface with up to 5 inputs and outputs. No driver is required under Mac OS X or Linux, and a Windows driver is available.GM5 chips and MIDI interface PCBs

I had three, but I used one, I destroyed one and I lost one. I now need at least two more.

These chips cost 4.50 EUR each – pretty cheap. But there’s a catch: the minimum order is for 250 pieces. TK over at the MIDIbox forum will probably be willing to set up another bulk order if he can gather enough interest. Right now over 160 pieces are wanted.

Maybe you want some! Builders, why not have a look at the details on the MIDIbox forum, and get some for yourself!

GM5 Bulk Order Thread on MIDIbox forum

GM5 Bulk Order status on MIDIbox Wiki